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To provide and assist local musicians and performers both in Gibraltar and abroad. Bringing live music back to life!

The Musicians Association of Gibraltar is a Union that will be providing support to local musicians and will assist them both locally and abroad.

What will we do for our members:

1. Provide legal advice regards fees, issues with promoters, tax,, etc.

2. In house promoter/producers to help get support lots and gigs locally.

3. We shall use our funds to help pay for recordings, promo packages and support special events.

4. Help secure gigs and exchange gigs with bands from Spain, Portugal and UK.

5. Release a "mixed tape" every year of our members.

6. Organise the Battle of the Bands, bring back the EARBASH events and have a number of acoustic nights in different venues.

7. Provide assistance with mastering/producing music.

8. Potentially bring over industry professionals to give lectures/classes to our members and the youth.

9. Securing live music by encouraging our youth to play an instrument.

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